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Dear patients!

            Due to COVID-19 prevention in Latvia I kindly ask you to mind and follow the regulations of Latvian epidemiology center. That information is available in all social media platforms.

            If you have returned from abroad or you had a possible contact with COVID positive person, you must stay in self isolation for 14 days. In that time it is forbidden to contact other persons in person, attend public places, which includes going to the supermarket or pharmacy. Please check your temperature twice per day and follow how you are feeling.

            If COVID-19 characteristic symptoms: cough, elevated temperature (even slightly above normal), pain in the throat, muscle pain appears and you have possible contact with COVID positive person, stay at home in isolation from family members and call 8303 for possibility to be tested. Also call my office 67240202 or my mobile phone 29119036 (if the situation is urgent).

            Most of the cases are not severe and patients are treated at home by the family practitioners in distance (by phone, e-mails, Whatsapp e.t.c.). That means you must be in contact with your doctor every day (by phone or e-mail). If shortness of breath appears or your health is rapidly getting worse, please contact 113 (emergency service).

            If you are healthy, did not travel and did not have a possible contact with COVID positive person, but you are closer to 60 years or above of age and/or have chronic diseases, please find a possibility to stay at home, limit all contacts to only absolutely necessary ones. In the time of contact, both persons must wear face masks. Wash your hands carefully and try to loose habit of touching your face. It is advised to organise delivery of food or products to your door. If there is no other way, use senior hours in RIMI supermarkets (from 8:00 – 10:00 every morning), mind the distance – 2 metres with other people and desinfect your hands. Please postpone all planned visits to hairdressers, manicures, dentists, doctors for the next 2 months if it is possible to survive without that.

            Question your cleaning lady about her health and think about cleaning your home by yourself if it is possible.

            It is recommended to go for a walk and be physically active (the best in outside environment). Keep in mind social distancing and hand hygiene. Avoid touching things like banisters, door handles, buttons of the elevators and door bells e.t.c. Go for a walk with your dog. It is relatively COVID safe. You both will benefit from it.

Let us all survive this crisis in style!



Dr. Kariņa

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